Environment and Sustainability

Hampton Primary School aspires to develop a sustainability program that educates and motivates students and the community to be aware of, and be proactive in, caring and restoring our environment within and beyond the school.

To achieve these goals and improve the knowledge and capacity of students and staff to make a positive impact on the physical environment and the long term actions of our community we;

One of the core elements of our environmental practices is the active involvement of our student led ‘Green Warriors’ team.

The Green Warriors are a whole school student team that focuses on developing sustainable practices in their classrooms and also share information with the school and community.  The team is made up of one student from each classroom from F-6 who meet fortnightly and actively promote the school’s environmental practices such as; nude food, garden activities, reducing waste and good recycling practices in the classroom. 

In our local community we are involved with the Marine ambassadors, I Sea, I Care program, Bayside council environmental summits and action groups, and have also engaged with the Bayside Climate Action Group.