Digital Learning


At Hampton PS we highly value the role that technology can play in educating our students. When used effectively, technology has the ability to transform learning and provide opportunities to develop the crucial skills that our students need to thrive in the 21st century.

Across the school and in particularly in Years 4 – 6, where we have 1-1 BYO iPad programs in place, we aim for balance. Balance means monitoring the amount of time that our students are using technology throughout the day and aiming to use the devices only when it can add value to the learning task.

Across the school, the ICT devices (iPads and laptops) are being used in a myriad of ways to transform learning including:


Importantly, Hampton Primary School is committed to providing a safe, structured and secure environment where our students can learn the crucial skills necessary to responsibly and appropriately manage their use of technology. With the guidance of our whole school Cyber Safety Project Curriculum and Scope and Sequence, our teachers design regular sessions that are underpinned by the following values:


Being true to myself


Keeping myself safe


Understanding myself


Keeping others safe