A Place of Community

Our School Library is a place of community. A place where learning, creativity, inspiration, connections and imagination can be nurtured and encouraged in a safe and welcoming space. Students can come to the Library and build friendships and bonds with other students and with books.

Our Library is a warm and inviting space for students to come to escape the pressures and expectations of the classroom, home, or the playground. Libraries have also always served as a refuge for students who may struggle to find their place at school. It is a place where ALL students can come to talk, study, learn, create, play, connect, and most importantly READ! A place that encourages the enjoyment of literature, knowledge, and storytelling. And also a place to find the friendship and company of like minded students.

All Classes have regular weekly Library sessions with their teachers where they are able to make use of our Library resources and spaces under the direction and guidance of their teachers. The Library is also open every lunchtime (Monday to Friday) for all and every student to enjoy the Library on a personal and recreational level.

Our Library Blog is here to provide you with loads of interesting information about our lovely Library, and to encourage and inspire your love of reading, your search for knowledge… and all things story.