Student Leadership

Leadership Opportunities

Students have opportunities at all year levels to develop their leadership capacity in both formal and informal roles. Opportunities to develop and exhibit leadership roles include our SRC (Student Representative Council) and Grade 6 Leaders.

Our SRC is comprised of a representative group of children from Grade 2 – 6 that meet regularly to discuss student-identified matters. Their contributions have positively impacted the quality of programs, facilities and events at our school.

Grade 6 students are encouraged to apply for leadership positions. Students prepare a written application indicating what skills they feel they have to offer the position and applicants are selected based on their strengths and vision for the role.

The Year 6s also build leadership capacity from their role as buddies for Foundation students. This role commences in the year prior to the preps starting school with Grade 6s connecting with their buddy during transition, so when the new year begins, the younger child has someone they know and can go to at recess and lunchtimes. The Year 6s enjoy the opportunity to support and care for their buddy. The expectation is that each Year 6 student will act as a role model for their buddy and in fact, for all other children in the school.