Our Learning Program

The Curriculum

At Hampton Primary School, our rich curriculum is underpinned by a holistic philosophy that places equal emphasis on academic rigour, global citizenship and positive wellbeing. Learning occurs in a highly focused, collaborative and stimulating environment where teachers deliver carefully designed experiences that explicitly build deep levels of thinking and application.

The development of Literacy and Numeracy skills, knowledge and understanding forms the strong foundation of a broad curriculum that positions individual student needs at the centre of program planning and delivery. The school’s excellent record of sustained high academic achievement is enriched by our extensive Specialist program which provides a range of opportunities for students to excel in the areas of Music, Visual Art, Dance, Physical Education and Mandarin.


Reading instruction at our school encompasses a range of teaching practices that provide varying levels of support at different points of need.


We strive for our students to demonstrate confidence, curiosity and critical thinking whilst having fun and enjoying their mathematics.

21st Century Learning

Our Program of Inquiry explores the breadth of the Victorian Curriculum and is the vehicle for the explicit development of key 21st century skills.

Digital Learning

When used effectively, technology has the ability to transform learning and provide opportunities to develop the crucial skills needed to thrive in the 21st century.

Learning Support & Enrichment

Our teachers differentiate learning tasks to a child’s point of need so every student has the opportunity to build on their current level and be supported in the classroom.

Assessment & Reporting

We use a range of assessment practices to improve student learning and gain a deep understanding of student growth and achievement.

Visual Art

The visual arts programme at our school equips students with new skills in visual communication so that as they grow, so does their ability to tell us about themselves and the world around them.


Music is an important part of the curriculum and highly valued at our school, where we believe that every child should have equal opportunity to a full music education.


Learning languages broadens students’ horizons about the personal, social, cultural and employment opportunities that are available in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world.

Physical Education

PE at our school focuses on students developing a love of sport, through having the skills, fitness, strength and attitude to successfully engage in competitive and recreational sports.


Our School Library is a place of community. A place where learning, creativity, inspiration, connections and imagination can be nurtured and encouraged in a safe and welcoming space.

Extra Curricular Activities

The school takes great care and pride in providing high quality opportunities for out of school hours that enrich your child’s learning and strengthen their capability.