21st Century Learning

Framework & Skills

Hampton Primary School’s Program of Inquiry explores the breadth of the Victorian Curriculum and is the vehicle for the explicit development of key 21st century skills. Using the 21st Century Learning Design Framework, our teachers expertly design units of inquiry that sequentially build deep conceptual understandings about the world and develop transferable skills that can be adapted to a range of rapidly changing contexts. These skills include:


Working collaboratively in partnership with others and in teams is essential for learning and life success in today’s interdependent world.

Real-world problem-solving and innovation

Successful workers must be adept at generating and testing creative ideas in order to solve a problem with a real set of requirements and constraints.

Knowledge construction

Knowledge construction happens when students do more than reproduce what they have learned; they go beyond knowledge reproduction to generating ideas.

Use of ICT for learning

We live in a connected, globalised world with unprecedented access to avast array of digital information and experiences.


Today’s complex world demands self-regulated thinkers and learners who can take responsibility for their lives, their work, and their ongoing learning.

Skillful communication

Developing technologies have created new opportunities to enrich engagement, learning and active participation in society.