Our Team

We understand our staff have the greatest impact on student outcomes and we are committed to maintaining a high-performing and talented staff team. Our staff are divesrse in their experience in years and subjects taught, as well as having worked in many parts of our community and world. What is common across the team is a clear commitment to doing the best they can for the students at Hampton and this means addressing the social, emotional and academic needs of the individual.

We currently have 32 classroom teachers, 6 specialists and 10 Education Support and Administrative Staff. Staff members work in teams where the collegiate support, sharing of the workload and investigating and learning about educational research and best practice results in high-quality teaching and learning. Our aim is to create a stimulating, positive and caring learning environment where the children are eager to come to school.

Amanda Howe

Asst. Principal

Tim Bernau

Asst. Principal

Nicole St Leon

Business Manager

Cathy McLorinan

Admin Staff

Andrea Maglio

Admin Staff

Debbie Sinclair

Admin Staff

Jo Bergman

School Nurse

Susie Lohan

School Nurse

Tino Karras


Education & Learning Support

Heli Bayley
Chris Seevers
Jennifer Mentplay
Mary Jo Young
Shona Kirkpatrick
Catherine Hedge
Andrea Peteranna
Catherine Hedge


Dimi Beratis
Helen James
Kylie Perara
Laura Shugg
Jackson Moffit
Liana Burns

Grade 1

Carolyn Platt
Kate Siebert
Katia Mance
Anne Somerville
Bec Mclaren
Alison Powell

Grade 2

Madi Grace
Anita Sheppard
Louise Jones
Melissa Fisher
Chris Gillies

Grade 3

Emmanuel Le
Dean Ross
Deb Brayshaw
Helen Patterson Farr

Grade 4

Stuart Macdermit
Paul Coverdale
Michelle Fernandez

Grade 5

Alicia Blundell
Bec Watkins
Cindi Kunaratnam
Tom Prendergast

Grade 6

Alana Gadsby
Max Attwood
Robert Giabardo
Sharon Dowling


Nick Fisher

Physical Education

Traci Cenedese


Alana Gadsby

Physical Education

Dani Peebles


Yin Zhao


Anne Somerville


Jeffic Ye